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What If My Request Is Turned Down?

While it may seem to you that you have a solid case for receiving Social Security Disability Insurance benefits, that doesn’t always translate into a successful claim — at least not right away. In fact, most people who initially apply for SSDI are denied disability benefits the first time. This means they will have to appeal and present their case again — potentially more than once.

Ralph W. Ellis is an Atlanta-area attorney who works on cases involving SSDI and SSI appeals for clients throughout Georgia. As a longtime high-ranking lawyer in Georgia’s attorney general’s office, Mr. Ellis understands what it takes to appeal a case and what to look for to give his clients the best chance of success.

Rely On The Experience Of A Veteran Attorney

Aside from his experience with SSDI cases themselves, Mr. Ellis is well-versed in the entire appeals system, including familiarity with many of the judges and other court personnel. These relationships mean that Mr. Ellis can leverage his knowledge and skill in order to benefit the people he represents.

The people who seek SSDI benefits are eager to win their cases and have their benefits paid out to them. However, it is important to understand that the process can be a lengthy one. Very few people are granted benefits without having to appeal at least once, and it can be tempting to give up rather than fight through to a resolution. Ralph W. Ellis understands that the process can take a long time, and he stands by his clients every step of the way.

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