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An Attorney Who Works Hard For You

One of the most important features of any attorney is experience — the proven, successful history that shows potential new clients what to expect. For people in the Atlanta metro area who are contemplating filing an SSDI disability claim, contacting attorney Ralph W. Ellis is the first step toward tapping into a knowledgeable, skilled attorney with a unique blend of experience that few can match.


For several years, Mr. Ellis worked as a senior assistant attorney general and a practice group leader at the Office of the Attorney General for the State of Georgia. His time working for the state provided him with a broad set of skills he applies today as an attorney representing people’s rights and helping them to seek benefits under SSDI, SSI, veterans’ disability or workers’ compensation.


While many Social Security Disability law firms claim to provide personal service, they may hand off cases to inexperienced associate attorneys. Ralph W. Ellis is the founder and the only lawyer at his firm, so he works on all his firm’s cases himself. That means he is in touch directly with his clients, keeping them up to date on their cases and making sure their expectations are in line with what to expect.