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Being injured on the job is often a nightmare scenario for employees in Georgia. It only takes a moment for a falling object or a malfunctioning machine to cause a potentially serious injury that leaves a previously healthy and able-bodied employee unable to work.

It’s not just dramatic, violent accidents that can cause long-term damage and severe injuries, though. Attempting to lift an object could cause back injuries, for example. Carpal tunnel syndrome, caused by repetitive motion such as typing on a keyboard, can lead to severe pain and require surgery and extensive physical therapy.

What You Need To Know About Your Case

Attorney Ralph W. Ellis has a long history in the area of workers’ compensation, and he is able to apply his years of experience toward helping people get the settlements they deserve for on-the-job injuries and accidents in Atlanta and throughout the state of Georgia.

Mr. Ellis is the only lawyer at his firm, so he can deliver the personal attention to his clients that they deserve during what can be a difficult and trying time. Dealing with a disability as a result of an accident or injury that happened at work can be a stressful, life-changing experience, and having someone on your side who can guide you through the steps to help you recover can be invaluable.

You might also be eligible to apply for Social Security Disability Insurance as a result of your condition. Mr. Ellis can discuss this with you and determine if it is an option in your case.

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